Nikolay Argunov (1771- after 1829) - brief biography

Portrait of Praskovia Kovalyova-Zhemchugova, 1803

Nikolay Argunov was born in 1771. His father was the famous painter Ivan Argunov. He was the serf of the count P.Sheremetyev as his farther. During his trips abroad P.Sheremetyev was taking the painter with him and Nikolay was able to perfect his skill. P.Sheremetyev granted him freedom later on.

Nikolai Argunov 04.jpeg
 Portrait of a boy from a family of Sheremetev 1803
N. Argunov  was staying mainly in Moscow and was engaged in paint of many portraits. Was granted the title of the "appointed academician" for his portrait of "unknown person" by the Academy of Fine Arts in 1816. And was granted the title of academician for the portrait of the senator P.Runich (in the hall of the academy board).
Portraits of N. Argunov  can be seen very often. There are several portraits of the members of the family of the count P.Sheremetyev (in estates Ostankino and Kuskovo, near Moscow, as well as in the estates of the counts A. and S.Sheremetyev in Saint Petersburg), "Portrait of Boy" in the estate of the prince V.Argutinskiy-Dolgorukov, portraits of "unknown persons" in The Saratov Museum of Radischev and in the estate of the baron N.Vrangel, five portraits in The Museum of the Alexander III.


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