Marina Tsvetaeva: On Parting

   Mein Herz tragt schwere Ketten.
     Die Du mir angelegt.
     Ich mocht mein Leben wetten
     Dass Keine schwerer tragt

     Frankfurt song

     Teasing and tempting and playing
     We loved like children, us both
     But somebody, hiding a smile,
     Set up the ungentle nets -
     And here we are at the harbor,
     Not seeing the wished-for abodes,
     But knowing that I will be yours
     In the heart, without words, until death.

     You told me of all things - so early!
     I guessed them so late! In our hearts
     A wound is eternal, a silent
     Question exists in our eyes,
     The desert on earth is so endless,
     The heaven, so high, has no stars,
     Revealed is the tender secret,
     And frost rules for centuries.

     I will talk to shades! O my dear,
     To forget you I do not have might,
     Your visage can't move under shadow
     Of eyelids gone over my eyes...
     It's darkening... Shutters have closed,
     On all things descending is night...
     I love you, one ghostly-eternal,
     And only you - and always!

Translated by Ilya Shambat


Anonymous said…
Whose translation is this?
MBS said…
Whose translation is this?

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