Largest Exhibition of Mikhail Nesterov to be Opened in Moscow

Mikhail Nesterov - Portrait of Olga Nesterova

Mikhail Nesterov - Portrait of Olga Nesterova

On April 24 the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val opens the largest exhibition of the year dedicated to the outstanding artist Mikhail Nesterov (1862-1942).

His creations convey and reflect the most important features of national character and the nature of Russia. The contents and depth of Nesterov’s art is in accord with religious quest of the Russian literature and domestic philosophical thought at the turn of the 19th- 20th centuries.

Nesterov, Mikhail - 1906 Autumn

Nesterov, Mikhail - 1906 Autumn

About 300 works from 24 museums of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and 9 private collections will present a wide range of the artist’s creative interests: paintings on religious subjects, portraits, landscapes, and sketches of church frescoes.

Many works presented at the exhibition, are displayed for the first time after carrying out of most complicated restoration works.



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