Stalingrad -- A Trilogy Documentary, Part 1 - The Attack

Director - Sebastian Dehnhardt, Manfred Oldenburg, Christian Deick, Jörg Müllner
Distribution - United Docs
Made - 2003

STALINGRAD is the award-winning mini-series by German directors Sebastian Dehnhardt and Christian Deick which was nominated with an Emmy Award for Best Documentary back in 2003.

Presented in the form of three separate episodes that could be viewed without intermission this close to 170 minutes documentary retells the horrific story of Stalingrad, its occupation by the German forces, and the tragic fate of those who fought on the two opposing sides. Furthermore, the film also offers an invaluable look at the remains of a city which for many years was regarded as one of the true beacons of Soviet Socialism and those who believed in its leaders.


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