The Mystic Composer Alexander Scriabin

A beautiful short film on the life of the mystic composer Alexander Scriabin.

It should also be mentioned that Scriabin's greatest spiritual influence came from the Theosophical ideas of Madame Blavatsky.

Although this is a brief biography, there are other ways to acquaint oneself with Scriabin...and that is through his music.

Essential listening includes his 5 Symphonies, his 10 Piano Sonatas and his final unfinished masterpiece (wrongly stated in the film as unstarted) entitled "Preparation for the Final Mystery". All of which are available on and recorded, conducted and played by Vladimir Ashkenazy (one of Scriabin's greatest champions).

Here is a late quote from the man himself before his death in 1915:

"There will have to be a fusion of all the arts, but not a theatrical one like Wagner's. Art must unite with philosophy and religion in an indivisible whole to form a new gospel, which will replace the old gospel we have outlived. I cherish the dream of creating such a "Mystery". For it, it would be necessary to build a special temple - perhaps here, perhaps far away in India. But mankind is not yet ready for it. Mankind must be preached to, it must be led along new paths. And I do preach..."


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