Yury Annenkov (1889-1974)

Annenkov, Yuri (1889-1974) - 1910 Self-Portrait (State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia)
1910 Self-Portrait (State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia) 
Russian painter, draughtsman and stage designer. He studied at the University of St Petersburg (later Petrograd) in 1908 and in the private studio of Savely Zeidenberg (1862–1924). In 1909–10 he attended the studio of Yan Tsyonglinsky (1850–1914) in St Petersburg, where he became acquainted with the avant-garde artists Yelena Guro (1877–1913), Mikhail Matyushin and Matvey Vol’demar (1878–1914). In 1911–12 he worked in the studios of Maurice Denis and Félix Vallotton in Paris, then in Switzerland (1913) before returning to St Petersburg. As a painter he was a modernist, and his work developed rapidly towards abstraction, although he did not adhere to any particular branch of it. His works of the time use various devices of stylization and decorativeness, and some of them echo the free associations of Marc Chagall, but fundamentally they remain geometrically based compositions. In 1919–20 he made a series of abstract sculptural assemblages and a great number of abstract collages.

Annenkov, Yuri (1889-1974) - 1920 Storming of the Winter Palace by RasMarley

Annenkov, Yuri (1889-1974) - 1920 Storming of the Winter Palace, a photo by RasMarley on Flickr.

Portrait of the Poet  Boris Pasternak
Portrait of the Poet  Anna Akhmatova
Annenkov, Yuri (1889-1974) - 1920-30 Men at the Table (Private Collection)
1920-30 Men at the Table (Private Collection) 


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