Marina Tsvetaeva: Candlelight in Night

It's a home again 
                Where some never quit:
                Maybe, sip champagne,
                Maybe, simply – sit.
                Simpler yet – two hands
                Have each other found.
                Have you seen, my friends,
                Homes like this around?                 
                They of  parting nights
                And first meetings scream.
                Maybe, many lights, 
                Maybe, only three ...
                Will I get my mind 
                Rid of worries weird?
                Why has next to mine 
                Home like this appeared?
           Not from candlelight 
                        Fearful darkness dies - 
                 From those sleepless eyes.                                  
       Bless those homes, my friends,                         
             Where light never ends,                                
Homes that nights ignite.

English translation  by Alexander Givental


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