Lenin still wanted and translated

Russian is not “lost in translation”. On the contrary, it appears to be one of the most popular and translated languages in the world, with thanks in part to the rich heritage of the Father of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin.
According to the Unesco Index Translatonium, an electronic database that numbers over two million entries concerning 500,000 authors in 148 countries, the revolutionary Soviet leader is  among the top five most translated authors in the world, along the likes of William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie and Stephen King.
According to the data collected since 1979, Lenin's works have not exceeded their sell-by-date yet. Apart from the key Soviet communist, the list of the world’s most translated authors also features several more “fathers”, the "Father of Science Fiction", Jules Verne, as well as Pope John Paul II, ranked 22nd.
This year UNESCO marks the 80th anniversary of its Index Translatonium containing information about published translations provided by national libraries, translators, linguists, researchers and databases worldwide.


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