54.4 million Russians are Internet users

In 2011 a monthly amount of Internet users in Russia made up 54.5 million people, according to the Fund of Public opinion. It is 47% of grown-up population in Russia.
According to the research of Internet development in Russia by Yandex, new Internet audience has appeared mostly in regions. 93% of new users live outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.     
Every year the Internet speed is growing and the price is getting down. According to Yandex the most wide spread Internet speed is 6.4 Mbit/sec, the average monthly price is 500 – 600 Rubles ($17 -20).         
For the last three years the number of mobile users has doubled. 44% of mobile Internet users use Java platform. iOs by Apple is the most popular operation system among smart phone users (24%). Android OS takes the second place with 18%, Symbian by Nokia is on the third place with 12%. ...


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