Tyumen, the Oldest Russian Settlement in Siberia

As a Russian city, Tyumen was established in 1586, when the first military mission sponsored by Russian Tsar and led by Ermak mainly to respond frequent attacks of Khan Kuchum, seized the city. Since that time Tyumen has been known as the "gateway to Siberia." For the past three centuries, up until the 1960s, Tyumen was a quiet provincial Siberian city. Most of its inhabitants lived in wooden houses along the Tura and Tyumenka rivers, for which it became known as the "capital of villages." Being a major transportation point to Eastern Siberia and Far East of Russia, Tyumen has experienced all major historical events in Russia. It has seen the Decembrists on their way to exile in Irkutsk, Tsar Nicholos II and his family to their final destination of Ekaterinburg, Revolution turmoil, Civil War, bloody uprisings against the new Bolshevik food policy (prodrazverstka), GULag prisoners, and more. During WWII Lenin's coffin was kept for safety reasons at the Regional museum of Tyumen. Many famous people were born or studied in Tyumen. Among them is the famous writer M. M. Prishvin. His essays about nature are filled with harmony and the art of word.



Tyumen Russland Februar 2003 045


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