Pavel Krusanov: Bom-Bom

As it turns out eventually, fate gives an individual the right of choice, including the right to waiver the right of being chosen by it. But it does not allow him to become the director in this theater. At the same time it can allow itself everything – it’s aggressive, irresponsible, unprincipled and insolent. If it had the ability to be incarnated into human form, so that it could be spoken to in the language of medicine and jurisprudence, it would certainly be sent off to a mental clinic. That’s why all her intrepid “partners”, in the form of an average man, often look as if they are at least “out of their mind”.
“But what is the metaphysical essence of fate?” Andrey began to use his brain again “Does it have a certain swarm nature and ascribes itself as an individual to every newborn, like a guardian angel or, on the contrary, a tempter? Or is it all around us, and, forgive me lord, like the divine breath, is omnipresent?” However his own question seemed too scholastic to Norushkin: fate, no matter how you think about it, definitely appears to be the cause of a higher order, to which the human intellect falls short of. Which means it is foolish, conceited, and impudent to talk about it.


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