Vladimir Vysotsky: Thankful for being alive

The 25th of July is the day of memory of Vladimir Vysotsky, an outstanding Russian singing poet and actor. In an interview for The Voice of Russia, his son Nikita Vysotsky speaks about the first feature film dedicated to his father. The title is “Vysotsky. Thankful for Being Alive” and Nikita is the scriptwriter and producer of the film.

Nikita says that the premiere of the film will take place on the 1st of December. During the five years of making the film he heard a lot of talk about which facts from the poet’s life the plot will be based on and who will play the part of Vladimir Vysotsky, an idol of the 1970s and 80s who passed away at the age of 42 during the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980. People seemed to forget the grand sports event and mourned their idol paying their last tribute to him. This generation is still alive and a new generation has come for which Vysotsky is a historical figure having nothing to do with contemporary life. For the new generation it would be absolutely acceptable to recreate the image of Vysotsky with the help of computer graphics. According to the press, this idea was put forward once but was rejected by the filming crew. Moreover, Nikita Vysotsky says that viewers will not see any real characters in the film:

“There is only one real person in the film, Vysotsky, - the poet’s son says. – All the rest are generalized characters. I am sure that people will try to identify them but it makes no sense. However, the story on which the plot is based is absolutely real. It has completely changed my attitude towards my father”.

Voice of Russia


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