Ritzy Russian art - A Parisian Café by Ilya Repin

A Parisian Café by Ilya Repin has raked in a record sum of money - over $7 million – at Christie’s Russian art sale in London, becoming the most expensive painting by a Russian artist.

­Created back in 1875, during the artist’s prolific period spent in the turbulent center of artistic creation and novelty that was Paris in the late 19th century, the epic painting stands out as a timeless masterpiece.

Exhibited at the Paris Salon, in contravention of Imperial Academy rules, A Parisian Café features clear-cut impressionistic influences of Western art on the progressive Russian creator.

As a Russian observer of society in the French capital, Repin had, according to art historians, placed himself in the role of the “painter of modern life” invented by the celebrated French poet Charles Baudelaire.



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