Nathan Altman - Biography

Self-portrait, 1912
Nathan Altman (1889-1970)
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Nathan Isaiehvich Altman was born in Vinnitsa, a provincial town in the Malorossiyan part of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine. He lost his father early and had to count only on himself in achieving his goal to became an artist. He studied in Odessa Art School (1902-07), but left it, unsatisfied with the level of teaching. On his return to Vinnitsa, he went on working alone. At the end of 1910, he went to Paris, where he lived for about a year. The trip played an important role in his future career. His natural talent helped Altman to feel and understand the art ideas and trends of his time, and inborn professionalism helped to realize the ideas into artistic and elegant works of art. He was mostly influenced by Picasso and Braque.

At the end of 1912, the artist moved to St. Petersburg, where he painted in Cubist manner, and soon became a popular artist. His famous Portrait of Anna Akhmatova (1914) established his fame. His works in sculpture, graphics and scene designs were also a success. ...

Nathan Altman. Biography. - Olga's Gallery


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