Innokenty Annensky: Among the Worlds

Among worlds shone, amid glimmers,
A single star whose name I repeat....
Not so that I may come to love it,
But because I am weary of the rest.

And if I find doubt a burden,
I seek only from her an answer,
Not because she shines brightly
But because with her I need no light.

  3 April 1909, Tsarskoe Selo

Translated by Alex Cigale


That is my most favorite poem!

Thank you very much, Seesaw.
Seesaw said…
Glad you like it! Thank you for visiting! Take care.
alex cigale said…
Thank you for helping me spread the words of Russian poetry. I think you will love it in Vysotsky's performance:
alex cigale said…
Thank you for helping spread the words of Russian Poetry. I think your readers will love this in Vladimir Vysotsky's performace. More Annensky and the miniatures of 40 Russian poets are at

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