Chusovoy – the beginning of Yermak trip

The history of the city begins with 1879, when near the railway station Chusovskaya a Russian-French joint-stock company there was laid a metallurgical factory. Since that time near the factory there are two-storied wooden “French houses” – memorials of the factory way of life. But long ago before the foundation of Chusovoy people lived in this region. These territories had seen a lot. Some findings say that even in the past times there were links, which connected this edge with the civilizations of the East. From here started his Siberia trip Yermak Timopheevich.

To acquaint with the cultural-historical legacy of the edge the ethnographic complex “The Museum of the River Chusovaya’s History” will help. In this museum under the open air are exported the displays, reproducing Russian olden times. From different parts of Prikamye here lordly country shop, theatre-museum of Russian wooden toys, children’s fair merry-go-round, bucket, mill, well were taken…

In the buildings you can see the things of Russian culture, clothes and instruments. The museum was organized not according to the rules of museum style. Here you can touch everything – paunchy two-bucket samovars, spinning-wheels, kerosene lamps. The spirit of real, native lives here freely among the old things. In the ethnographic park you can also order the excursion to the places famous for Yermak trip and visit the museum of Yermak trip.

Chusovoy also has sad pages in its history. Near it there was one of the latest political zones of severe regime – camp “Perm-36”, which appeared in Stalin’s times and where were kept the most “dangerous” dissident authors and spreaders of anticommunist literature, participants of remedial groups, religious, national and other organizations. In 1990s on its base the Memorial museum of history of the political repressions was organized. ...

Here lot of excellent photos from Chusovoi today.


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