Naval Base in Gadzhiyevo

More photos here.

Gadzhiyevo (Russian: Гаджиево) is a closed town in Murmansk Oblast, Russia. The town was also known as Yagelnaya Guba (Я́гельная Губа́) until 1967, Skalisty (Скали́стый) from 1981 to 1994, although it was often referred to as Murmansk-130 (Му́рманск-130). The name Skalisty was made official in 1994, but in 1999 the town was renamed back to Gadzhiyevo—the name it bore from 1967 to 1981. The settlement was named in honor of Magomet Gadzhiyev, a distinguished World War II submarine Commanding Officer. Population: 12,180 (2002 Census).[1] Wikipedia


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