Sergey Yesenin: My Life

It appears, my life is fated to torment;
My way is dammed up by grief and distress.
My life has been severed from fun and enjoyment,
Vexation and wounds are afflicting my chest.

It seems I"m fated to suffer from pain.
All I have in this life are bad luck and misfortune.
I have suffered enough in this life, and again
Both my body and soul have been put to the torture.

The expanse, vast and hazy, promises joy,
Sighs and tears, however, are the real solutions.
A storm will break out, the thunder - oh boy! -
Will ruin the magical luscious illusions.

Now I know life"s deception, and nevertheless
I don"t want to complain of bad luck and misfortune.
So my soul doesn"t suffer from grief and distress,
No one ever can help to relieve me from torture.



fin macdonald said…
I came across this after studying the Chinese poet Haizi, who wrote a long poem honoring Yesenin (though it took me a while to interpret the Chinese characters!). Haizi also wrote dark poetry and also committed suicide, laying down on the train tracks with the bible and a copy of Walden.

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