Russia’s Berezka dance troupe: around the world in 62 years

Russia's famed folk dance ensemble,"Berezka", has just chalked up an impressive record.
Its dancers have surpassed the distance of the Equator in terms of the distance they have danced, according to "Berezka's" press secretary Tatiana Koltakova.
“Berezka,” which means birch tree in Russian, was founded back in 1948. Since then, the dance troupe has dazzled audiences around the world with its world-renowned appearances.
For over six decades, each of Berezka's performances has begun with a round dance, called the khorovod, which features the ensemble's trademark, inimitable step that was created by choreographer Nadezhda Nadezhdina.
Upon joining the ensemble, dancers are told to keep the famous “floating step” technique a secret, and not to share it even with their family.

Ансамбль "Березка"/Ensemble "Berezka"


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